23 Asia

23 Asia have collaborated with Debrett’s, to deliver a range of Debrett’s training programs and courses, which focus on good manners and etiquette.

Within the Asia Pacific region, we coach businesses, private clients, young adults, students and children in developing their social and interpersonal skills.

Founded in 2015, our training is delivered by our team of accredited Debrett’s trainers, who have substantial experiences and qualifications in good manners and etiquette, enabling us to personally match a coach to the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

Our team come from varied backgrounds. We have expertise in social etiquette and behaviour from the UK, which is further supported by certified qualification and expertise in business etiquette from America. The team is also certified by The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), and have academic and professional qualifications in the fields of Psychology, MBA, Change Management, Pre-School education, Early Childhood Studies and Pre-school teaching.

Familiarity of childhood centre operations and experiences in the early childhood industry, educating international students across Asia, Europe and America are also one of our strengths, which sets us to be uniquely different.

23 Asia’s vision is the commitment to spread the knowledge and teach the importance of instilling good manners and etiquette for children, young adults and people of all ages, which will help them to be very successful during each stage of their lives.


Debrett’s is a professional coaching company, publisher and leading authority on modern manners.

Founded in 1769 with the first edition of the Peerage & Baronetage, today Debrett’s continue to share their expertise in social skills and building confidence through the Debrett’s Academy and their many publications.

The Debrett’s range of etiquette publications include Debrett’s Handbook, the Guide for the Modern Gentleman, the A-Z of Modern Manners and the Wedding Handbook.

Debrett’s also work with selected partners to create impactful digital and print guides to support PR and content campaigns.

Via the Debrett’s Academy, they coach businesses, private clients and schools around the world in social and interpersonal skills.

“Britons seeking advice on etiquette and lineage have been able to turn to Debrett’s for almost 250 years. But Debrett’s 2.0 is a very different business, as new owners transform the company for the digital age.”

F I N A N C I A L   T I M E S


Research has shown that 85% of job success is attributable to well-developed soft and people skills, as opposed to technical ability.  However, soft skills are still overlooked in both academic and professional education.

Debrett’s Academy was formalized in 2012 to address this deficit in soft skills training, and in 2018 Debrett’s entered into a partnership agreement with 23 Asia, to further service the needs of soft skills training in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. All Debrett’s tutors now work with companies, schools, universities and private clients around the world, with clients coming to use us for coaching in areas such as first impressions, personal impact, public speaking, negotiating, networking, corporate hospitality and international business etiquette.

Our clients include international banks, luxury retailers, five-star hotels, major tourist attractions, schools, manufacturers and sporting institutions.

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Books and Publications

Debrett’s has a 250-year publishing heritage, the first edition of John Debrett’s New Peerage was published in 1769, and it has remained in print ever since, with the 150th edition published in 2019 to coincide with Debrett’s turning a quarter of a millennium.

The Debrett’s popular etiquette guides are consistently revised and updated, including Debrett’s Handbook, an indispensable reference book on all matters of correct form and British etiquette, and the Wedding Handbook, the go-to-guide for anyone planning a wedding. More humorous and light-hearted titles include the recently updated A-Z of Modern Manners and the Guide for the Modern Gentleman.