Peerage and Baronetage 2019

Peerage and Baronetage 2019

Debrett’s Peerage & Baronetage is the only up-to-date printed reference guide to the United Kingdom’s titled families: the hereditary peers, life peers and peeresses, and baronets, and their descendants who form the fascinating tapestry of the peerage.

Produced in two volumes and encased in a slipcase, this very special anniversary edition is the 150th and final printed version that has been published to coincide with Debrett’s 250th anniversary. In addition to comprehensive coverage of Britain’s peerage and baronetage, it also contains information relating to:

  • The Royal Family
  • Coats of Arms
  • Principal British Commonwealth Orders
  • Courtesy titles
  • Forms of address
  • Extinct, dormant, abeyant and disclaimed titles.
  • Special features for this anniversary edition include:


A full name index of all living persons named in the peerage and baronetage (about 140,000 names), together with the names of fathers-in-law both living and deceased – a huge help for genealogists and general readers alike.

The Roll of Honour, 1920: a list of the 3,150 people whose names appeared in the volume who were killed in action or died as a result of injuries sustained during the First World War.

A number of specially commissioned articles, including an account of John Debrett's life and the early history of Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage, a history of the royal dukedoms, and an in-depth feature exploring the implications of modern legislation and mores on the ancient traditions of succession.

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